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I'm an indie game designer who creates games all by myself, meaning that all my games are "one-man made" type of games.

19, Male

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I haven't created a new game since September 2016, for a few reasons.

  1. ​Running out of ideas: This is the only reason why I'm stuck on developing a game that has been worked on since July of that year, Silverball II. Mid-late Stage 4 was when I slowed down by a lot, and I completely stopped after Stage 5 Level 2.
  2. Shifting focus onto other hobbies: I started to go back to making games on Future Pinball since December 2016, and, I started to become an artist in April and May 2017. You'll see them in my "contact info/websites" box (where my YouTube channel link is at).
  3. School: After 5 years of being homeschooled, I started my sophomore year in regular school in 2016. That made me focus even less on working on anything here.

I have a few ideas to work around my empty ideas for Silverball II: User-submitted levels. I wanted to build a level creator that saves and uploads both preview images and GameMaker Studio rooms, onto Newgrounds as user submissions. I also want to upload the latest beta of the game to give ideas. How should I do it here on NG? Posting it as a game would look very much like that it has already been finished.

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Added to skins for Skincraft Mar 21, 2016.